Sustainable development and accessibility

Ecology and the environment are an absolute priority for the future of our planet. At Esterel Caravaning, it’s been 40 years that we think “Green” and act in this optic. Help us improve!
The concern and the preservation of the environment only takes a few small things that make the difference:
• Optimise heating and / or air-conditioning
Keep windows and doors closed when heating or using the air-conditioning.
Always put the covers on the spa: for security and for heat loss
Avoid placing furniture in front of radiators in order not to limit their radiation
Fight against the hot weather by closing windows and lowering the blinds during the hottest hours. Open the windows early in the morning to circulate the air.
• Optimising water management
Do not let the water run unnecessarily in the sanitary areas or mobile homes.
Check all dripping faucets, a trickle of water in the toilet (can waste up to 400 liters of water / day). Report to reception as soon as a discrepancy is found.
•And also :
In mobile homes, be sure to turn off electrical appliances when they are not used.
If you smoke, respect nature, it is fragile and here it burns. Crush out your cigarette in ashtrays to prevent fire risk. Remember: a cigarette butt on the ground, takes 12 years disintergrate.

Waste management

In 2010, we installed 5 selective sorting areas on the campsite: glass, cardboard, paper, waste and batteries. The collection is carried out by a dump truck that compacts waste. Never forget to do your sorting.
To limit the use of plastic bags, you can buy a shopping bag at the supermarket or shop.
We collect and recover all the used cartridges for printers and copiers in the recycling bins. We recycle paper and use double-sided sheets for our impressions.


Regarding the accessibility and reception of persons with reduced mobility, Esterel Caravaning discourages a holiday in this establishment as the terrain is very steep and does not lend itself to the reception of people with reduced mobility.