Sport in Esterel Caravaning



Five, four, three, two, one, go !

No, at Esterel Caravaning we are not trying to learn how to count. During your vacation, you can rest your brain and work on your muscles.

With our own fitness room, you can keep fit. Our fitness instructor has daily classes : glutes ABS, muscle pump, training circuit, stretching, step, pilate, … You will discover new senses, improve your suppleness, get tonic, sculpt your body and even get to relax! Yes, fitness lessons also help to relax.

Your vacation at Esterel Caravaning is also the right opportunity to discover new sporting activities. Between all the lessons on offer, there is certainly something you have never tried. Our instructor is always by your side to help you. If you never dared to step into a fitness-room, make your first steps at Esterel Caravaning. Initiation or intensive training, everybody at his own pace.
And no excuses not to go, as all lessons are free.

If you prefer to sweat in solo and if group’s lessons are not your favourite, then you can workout with our rowing machine, or elliptical trainer if you prefer.

Do not forget : make sure to wear indoor kicks, and bring a towel and a bottle of water !



NEW IN 2019 : 5 outdoor fitness equipments now complete our fitness-room and are installed just outside of it.