Sport in Esterel Caravaning



The multisport field is one of the preferred gather points for teenagers at Esterel Caravaning !

At the bottom of the campsite, amidst the protected nature of the Esterel mountain range, and away from the insisting gaze of their parents, the teenagers spending their vacation at Esterel Caravaning like to gather at our multisports field : tennis, football, volleyball, handball, badminton, soccer tennis, basketball… The possibilities are almost unlimited. Our entertainment staff regularly organizes tournaments on the field. And everybody can come and show off.

The multisports field is preferred by teenagers, but can be a fun place for multi-generational gatherings. Its small surface is the right place for quick and dynamic ball games. This is not necessarily easier than on a large surface. Kids usually like this type of games that give them lots of possibilities.

No doubt, they will sleep well tonight 😉


A Skate Park for all riders at our 5 star campsite in Saint-Raphaël !

Halfpipe ramp, bumps, curb, rainbow, pyramid, wheeling, bowl, quarter-pipe…

At campsite Esterel Caravaning to spend the perfect vacation, you want to make sure your children have fun. On our outdoor Skate Park, teenagers can compare their skills. Skate, rollers, bmx, freestyle scooters…

The equipments are yours and you decide on the figueres.


During your vacation you can also try out a new activity. Here is one that can seduce the most athletic.

Yes, Esterel Caravaning is one of the few campsites in France featuring a squash court. If you like to play tennis, then you will probably like squash. The comparison is easy to make. Thanks to tennis, squash was invented back in 1850, when english students were waiting for their tennis lesson. While waiting, they started hitting the ball against the school’s walls, and squash was born !

Squash is a very physical game, to lose most calories.

So don’t hesitate and come and try this sport at Esterel Caravaning !


At Roland-Garros, they are red. At Wimbledon, they are green. And at Esterel Caravaning, in our 5 star campsite on the French Riviera, they are … purple.

Located below our water park, we have 2 tennis courts : one with artificial grass, the other hardcourt. They are open from 9AM to 11PM !

Single or double, try out your tennis skills. At Esterel Caravaning, sport is king and it’s free !


Try to imitate Robin Hood at Esterel Caravaning !

Far from Sherwood forest, try out archery with a more Mediterranean background.
At Esterel Caravaning, the cicadas will try to make you miss your target.

If you think archery is just another way to show off or to hit an apple like William Tell once did, you are wrong, you need quite some skills : rigor, concentration, seek of a target, physical and mental balance, resistance to stress (on vacation it is better!)…

Of course the activity is available regardless of gender. And if one of you ladies dreams of the skills of Katniss Everdeen, heroine of Hunger Games, give it a try !

We invite you to shoot a bow on a target at a mere 15 meters. At Esterel Caravaning you might discover a new calling 😉


Did you know volleyball is one of the most popular sports worldwide ?

As a matter of fact 269 million persons play regularly volleyball.

In our peace of paradise in the Provence on the French Riviera, we could not miss out on it.
And if you wish to play by the rules of art on a field 18 m long and 9 m wide, separated in 2 by a meter-high net, come and play at Esterel Caravaning.

Our entertainment team regularly organizes tournaments during the season.

You will be able to show your volleyball skills !


As in many other campings in France, and mainly in Provence, pétanque lanes are a must and tournaments are regularly organized.

At Esterel Caravaning, 6 lanes are available every day, from 8AM to 11PM !

Wether it is double or triple teams, our holidaymaker eagerly wait for the tournaments. On that day, the jack is king. Everybody prepares his tactic. It is said that the secret to win is « To shoot at six meters… Point at ten ».

We assure you it is serious 😉


After having played a round of crazy golf, you can move on and go a few meters below to one of our 4 ping-pong tables, for an extra fun time.

NOur entertainment team regularly organizes ping-pong tournaments. You will be able to show off with your backspin, topspin and other flips. You did not understand all of it? No problem, as long as you hit the ball and make it get to the other side of the net 😉

A secret to beat your adversary : the service is crucial at ping-pong : short backspin, backhand sidespin, forehand flip, all great ways to win. Now you know what to do to become a great player : get started and train your serve. You have the time, you are on vacation!

All the ping-pong gear is available at no extra charge, only a deposit is requested. Come get it at the reception in low season or at the entertainment hut in July and August.