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Between Saint Raphaël, Agay and the Esterel Mountains

in the heart of PROVENCE ON THE french riviera

Located in the south of France, the Cities of Saint-Raphaël & Agay offer an exclusive location between land and sea to create a unique holiday on the French Riviera.

Saint Raphael on the French Riviera is a well known seaside holiday resort. Saint-Raphael offers all the main assets to delight tourists that are eager for sun, beaches, cosy restaurants and an epic summer atmosphere.

The city of Saint-Raphael has already convinced a number of artists, sportsmen and politicians. It all started in the second half of the 19th century as a result of the modernization and the development of tourism.

At Saint-Raphael, tourism continued to boom and today it represents an important part of the local economy as the population increases from 35 000 to 80 000 during the tourist season. The figures prove healthy management as well as the highlighting of Saint-Raphael’s much appreciated assets. As soon as the tourist season starts, the town of Saint Raphael puts on its summery finery to offer tourists its very best. For those that like to relax at the seafront or admire their children’s sandcastles, there are plenty of beaches, some of which you’ll find close to the city centre and its shops and restaurants.

For those that prefer an active holiday, know that Saint-Raphael is also renowned for its water sports : boat excursions, fishing, diving, sea kayaking and canoeing and for those who like to get a thrill, the town of Saint-Raphael offers waterskiing and parascending. Saint-Raphael also attracts a fair amount of golf players as the town has 3 golf courses, one of which is over a century old : The Valescure Old Course, an Esterel Caravaning partner.

If the adventurer in you likes to discover unique and idyllic spots, which are only accessible on foot in Saint-Raphael, you’ll have to take the coastal path, it will keep you busy for most of the day. The winding path has a few surprises for you in store: well hidden creeks you would never have discovered otherwise. Saint-Raphael has 36 kilometres of coastline. Saint-Raphael has over 30 different beaches, Saint-Raphael has sandy beaches, Saint Raphael has pebble beach’s. Saint-Raphael has creeks and rocky inlets.

If you’re looking for culture Saint-Raphael has a lot to offer. The Roman remnants are true testaments to a prosperous and lively Roman era. Come discover the “Voie Aurelienne” at Saint-Raphael. This era was followed by the migration period: the city was pillaged, but little by little Saint-Raphael starts to recover and from the 11th century onwards grows into the dynamic and hospitable city of Saint-Raphael as we know it today.

Saint-Raphael keeps the relics of those troubled times inside its archaeological museum.
The museum building dates from the 17th century and is registered as a historic monument. It is the ancient presbytery from the 12th century “Sant Raféu” church and was build on the ruins of the “castrum” (a Roman legionary encampment). In the gardens of the museum you can still find ramparts, embrasures and the tower. Since 1968 the museum hosts important collections of remnants found during underwater searches near Agay and Antheor. The archaeological museum of Saint-Raphael and the adjacent Roman church which are classified as historical monuments, form an important cultural area within the old town centre of Saint-Raphael.

Today the old Saint-Raphael town centre with its shady and narrow streets delights its tourists. On market days the stalls are filled with the region’s produce, which represent the scent, the flavour and the style of Provence. Whether it’s vegetables, flowers or a fish market or even the very popular touristy evening markets you’ll discover a taste of Provence.

All this is just a small peek of the delights Saint-Raphael has to offer…you’ll have to discover the rest once you’re here.

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the Agay bay IN saint-raphael

Pearl of the Riviera, Agay Bay’s clear waters stretch from the foot of the Esterel’s red rocks. From Cape Dramont west to the tip of the Baumette east, the Bay of Agay is the natural gateway to the Esterel .

The bay has three beautiful sandy beaches : the Lido, Agay and Baumette . Family destinations par excellence, the beaches of Agay offer gently sloping shores.

Water activities abound : sailing, kayaking, scuba diving , parasailing , jet skiing , boat rentals … Agay also has a small port with 166 places, a few are still available.

At the gateway to the Esterel , you’ll have time to explore the surrounding nature. Esterel Caravaning, offers mountain bike rental, buggy rides … The more adventurous can also indulge in paint-ball or tree climbing near the Dramont lakes.

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Le Dramont

Le Dramont is a district in Saint-Raphael. Le Dramont has a lot of touristic appeal, “a must see” in the south of France. Just across from the ‘plage du debarquement’ you can see a small private island; a medieval tower on solid red rock. It’s called L’Ile d’Or (the golden island) and inspired Hergé for his comic book The Black Island in the Tintin series

A less happy memory for this part of Saint-Raphael is the landing of the allied troops during the Second World War on the Dramont beach.

A huge battle to retake Provence and liberate the rest of France from Nazi occupation during World War 2 took place here during the night of the 14th and 15th of August 1944. The mission was called Operation Dragoon and assembled 50,000 soldiers over a 25 kilometre wide front-line between Cavalaire and Cannes.

Dragoon paid off because the German troops present were outnumbered and lacked motivation. However 4000 men (American, Canadian, English and French) perished during that bloody night to save France. Today at the Dramont Beach you can visit a landing barge as well as a memorial monument dedicated to those troubled events. The Dramont beach which is one of the biggest beaches in saint-Raphael has lots of parking space and is made out of blue pebbles.

The Dramont district is also known for its semaphore, which is the primary semaphore of our region. The air and sea traffic controllers have a breathtaking 360° view 150 meters above sea level. These watchers conscientiously guard the Saint-Raphael bay and take turns 7 days a week.