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1976 – 2016 : Esterel Caravanings 40th year

The 2016 season will be like no other in the history of Esterel Caravaning. This year, our campsite turns 40. It was in fact on the 14th of July 1976 that Esterel Caravaning welcomed its first guests. It took two years of work for Jean and Jacqueline Laroche to turn these 12 hectares of scrubland lost in the middle of the Esterel into a campsite.

Already very innovative at that time, they turned three bare hills covered with rocks into a site with already – 2 heated pools, – 2 tennis courts, 2 squash courts, and 18 pitches were already equipped with individual bathrooms …

For this special season, Esterel Caravanning wants to offer the best to its clients. Where throughout the season they’ll discover great surprises, activities, special events, gifts and novelties!

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