Esterel Caravaning

The best restaurants in Saint-Raphaël

Whether you prefer Mediterranean cuisine or Japanese cuisine, or you prefer to take your time sampling healthy, local cuisine or you’d just rather have a quick bite to eat, you are sure to find the ideal restaurant in Saint-Raphaël. Here’s a selection of the best restaurants in Saint-Raphaël. There’s something for everyone’s taste buds and budget…

Esterel Caravaning's selection

Les Suds, Esterel Caravaning's delectable gourmet restaurant

During your camping holiday in Saint-Raphaël, did you know we offer some exquisite cuisine right on your accommodation’s doorstep? Esterel Caravaning offers its customers several dining areas and the pride of the campsite is our gourmet restaurant “Les Suds”. Our chef offers an inventive yet unique cuisine. Amongst our restaurant’s specialities, you can try a diverse, traditional Mediterranean menu. Discover our restaurant in Saint Raphaël and its modern Southern French cuisine!

Agathos in Agay

A Mediterranean restaurant facing the bay of Agay, the Agathos club is the ideal place for lunch with your feet in the sand on La Baumette beach. Enjoy refreshing dishes such as grouper tartare or octopus salad, and warm comforting dishes such as snacked scallops, sea bass fillet a la plancha or lobster tail. Plenty of fish, seafood and shellfish-based specialities, from 17 to 30 euros à la carte.

La Belle Vie in Agay

The “La Belle Vie” café restaurant awaits you in Agay, right in the heart of Agay bay. With its shaded terrace offering a beautiful sea view, “La Belle Vie” makes for an ideal setting for tasting French and European specialities. Whether it’s breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, you’ll be sure to find tasty dishes with interesting vegetarian or vegan options in this restaurant.

Le Coast Restaurant in Agay

Located at 643 boulevard de la Plage in Agay, Le Coast offers quality Mediterranean cuisine. For example, you can enjoy ravioli with gorgonzola and walnuts, a scallop tartare or Thai marinated octopus tentacles. The starter and dessert menus each cost € 24 for lunch.

Le Bistrot Loudet in Boulouris

On the port of Boulouris, the elegant Bistrot Loudet specializes in fish and lobster dishes. In season, the place offers a bar and piattini on the sea. This seaside spot offers a diverse menu, including seafood tapas, lobster pasta, shellfish dishes and wild fish dishes. Meals cost around 50 euros per person and guarantee to include high-quality fresh ingredients.

Le Tortù Plage in Boulouris

A beach restaurant nestled in one of the most beautiful coves of the French Riviera, the Tortù Plage welcomes you on the Corniche road in Saint-Raphaël for a cocktail with your feet dipped in the water, for a nice deck-chair nap, or to taste homemade dishes made with fresh produce: Mediterranean mezze, Greek salads, tartare of the day, sea and land grills and signature pasta dishes. A la carte dishes range from 16 to 38 euros.

L’Épuisette Plage in Boulouris

L’Épuisette Plage is a restaurant and cocktail bar located in the heart of Saint Raphaël. Nestled right on the beach in Boulouris in an idyllic setting with an exceptional view. For a delicious lunch or dinner by the sea, their menu offers a variety of homemade dishes with fresh and healthy, local and seasonal products: salad, fresh fish or meat, as well as a wide choice of cocktails. The prices of the dishes range from 23 to 47 euros.

La Terrasse

Located in the Roches Rouges hotel, La Terrasse is the only Michelin-star restaurant in Saint-Raphaël. Here they offer a popular reinvented Provençal cuisine. You may be tempted by the 5-course menu for 128 € or the 7-course menu for 152 €. The restaurant’s address is 90 boulevard de la 36e division du Texas.

Le Touring

Within the well-known 5-star Le Touring establishment in Saint Raphaël, you will also find 2 restaurants with different atmospheres.
First of all, the “Bistrot”, located on the ground floor, with its typical Parisian brasseries atmosphere. You will find in this restaurant a traditional Mediterranean cuisine that will make your taste buds travel to the South. For lunch, the dish of the day is available for € 15 in addition to the children’s menu.
On the first floor, is the Alberto restaurant with its refined Italian cuisine: Antipasti, primi, and secondi, all between € 15 and € 26. The view from the terrace is breathtaking.

Le Nami

Sushi bar and shell, Le Nami is THE restaurant of the 5-star Touring, located on Quai Albert-1er in Saint-Raphaël. The address offers assortments of seafood and Japanese specialities in a trendy and zen setting. Nami’s menu includes traditional scattered sushi, maki, nigiri, sashimi and spring rolls, as well as fried tigers. Expect a meal to be about €36 for an assortment of 24 pieces.

La Menara in Saint-Raphaël

To taste delicious and hearty Moroccan cuisine in Saint-Raphaël, you have to go to Menara! The restaurant offers various couscous and traditional tagines. A real culinary journey for prices ranging from 15 to 30 € per person. The restaurant is at 170 boulevard Felix Martin, near the Bonaparte garden.

L’Excelsior facing the seaside in Saint Raphaël

The 4-star L’Excelsior Hotel offers you two options for lunch or dinner. You will have the choice between a gastronomic menu in an air-conditioned dining room. Alternatively, enjoy traditional brasserie dishes served outside on a sea-view terrace. Enjoy specialities from the South of France made with fresh and local produce. Prices for the main courses range from €26 to €65.

La Pouletisserie

Well-known to locals, La Pouletisserie is the place to be for all chicken dish lovers. It is located on the Quai du Commandant Prieur in the port of Santa Lucia. You can eat to your heart’s content for just a few euros. Burgers, poutine, roast chicken, homemade fries and many other dishes await you, such as the famous crispy cornflake chicken fillet.

Le Baïa

A unique blend of a Restaurant, bar & nightclub located in Saint-Raphaël, Le Baïa is located in front of Place Kennedy and overlooks the marina. It offers, in addition to its unique panoramic views, a menu of hot dishes ranging from 28 to 42 euros, including the Baïa Beef Show, a signature dish to share for two. Ramen, woks, bowls and risotto are all designed to satisfy your tastebuds. On Sundays, La Baïa offers its traditional brunch for 59 euros per person.