Activities in Fréjus:The Complete Guide to an Unforgettable Trip

Fréjus, a picturesque town nestled in the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur), is a paradise for lovers of adventure, culture and relaxation. Just a stone’s throw from our L’Esterel Campsite in Saint-Raphaël, Fréjus offers a wide variety of activities that will fill your trip with unforgettable experiences in the Var. This historic town straddling land and sea seamlessly blends the authenticity of the past with the energy of the present.

Take a stroll through the streets of Fréjus and you’ll be transported back through the ages, from Roman times to all the modern joys the sea has to offer. Around every street corner is a new treasure, whether it’s an historic monument, a colourful market or a sunny beach. Whether you’re a history buff, a water sports enthusiast, or simply looking to relax in the Mediterranean sunshine, Fréjus has so many incredible activities on offer.

Fréjus Top Sites to See

Fréjus, a town of art and history, is packed with must-see sites that bear witness to a rich past and exciting present. Here are some of the top places to visit during your stay.

  • The Roman Amphitheatre: This amphitheatre, also known as the Arènes de Fréjus, is a symbol of the town dating back to the 1st century. It was once a theatre for gladiator fights, but now hosts concerts and events, for a unique experience where history meets modern culture.
  • Saint-Léonce Cathedral and cloister: This historic monument is a beautiful example of medieval architecture. The cathedral and cloister are a haven of peace and quiet and a testament to the religious art of the period.
  • Aurélien Park: This 23-hectare park is a large green space in heart of the city. With Roman and medieval ruins, lakes and lush vegetation, visit this park for a perfect combination of nature and history.
  • The Port of Fréjus: This modern and lively port is the best place to go for an evening stroll. You can eat at one of the many restaurants, do some shopping, or try your hand at water sports.
  • The Fréjus Archaeological Museum: This museum houses fascinating collections tracing the history of the town from prehistoric times to present day, located in the old chapel of the Dominican convent.

Fun on the Water in Fréjus

Fréjus, right on the French Riviera, is a top destination for anyone who loves the water. The town offers a wide selection of water sports and activities for all ages.

  • The Fréjus beaches: The fine sand beaches of Fréjus are the perfect setting for a relaxing day in the sun. The clear, calm waters of Fréjus Beach and Saint-Aygulf Beach are perfect for swimming or a lazy day by the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Water sports: Fréjus offers a wide range of water sports for our more adventurous guests. From sailing and paddleboarding to jet skiing and scuba diving, there are sports for all levels and tastes. Rental centres and diving schools offer classes and equipment.
  • Aqualand Fréjus: This water park is a must for a fun day out with family and friends. With dizzying slides, wave pools and relaxation areas, you’ll enjoy a few laughs while cooling off at Aqualand.

With these fun and relaxing water activities, you can make unforgettable memories during your stay at our Fréjus campsite.

Fréjus Night Markets

The Fréjus night markets are a yearly institution, transforming the summer evenings into a festival of colour, flavour and fun. The night markets are an immersive experience in the Mediterranean art de vivre, a must-see for children and adults alike.

The night markets are the ideal place to discover local crafts. Jewellery, ceramics, handmade soaps, textiles… every stand offers something new. Visitors can sample a variety of local specialities: socca, tapenade, fresh seafood and, of course, the region’s delicious wines.

These markets embody the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the town, a great way for guests of L’Esterel Campsite to enjoy memorable evenings under the stars of the French Riviera.

Outdoor Adventures in Fréjus

Fréjus isn’t just famous for its beaches and history; it’s also a favourite destination for fans of outdoor adventures. With natural environments ranging from sandy beaches to wooded hills, Fréjus offers a multitude of activities for explorers of all ages.

  • Hiking in the Estérel Mountains: The Estérel Mountains are a hiker’s paradise, known for their emblematic red rocks and Mediterranean vegetation. Hike the many marked trails for spectacular sea views and the chance to discover the local flora and fauna.
  • Mountain biking and cycling: For cycling enthusiasts, there are many mountain biking and cycling routes around Fréjus. From leisurely family rides to more technical routes, there are options for all levels.
  • Water sports: As well as swimming and sunbathing, this coastal town is also great for sea kayaking, paddleboarding and even sailing, where you can take in the beauty of the Côte d’Azur from the water.
  • Adventure Park: For a day full of fun and excitement, the Fréjus adventure park has tree climbing and zip lines, a perfect activity for families and groups of friends.

Cuisine and Nightlife in Fréjus

If you love delicious food and dancing the night away, Fréjus is the perfect destination for you. This town offers a rich culinary experience and a festive atmosphere after sunset.

  • Local cuisine: The cuisine in Fréjus is a delicious blend of Mediterranean and Provençal specialities. Local restaurants offer fresh, colourful dishes made with seasonal ingredients. Be sure to try the bouillabaisse, daube provençal and the famous Niçoise salad, paired with a glass of local rosé.
  • Local markets: For an authentic experience, don’t miss the Fréjus markets. You’ll find local products such as fruit, vegetables, cheeses, olives and herbs de Provence. This is the perfect way to discover the flavours of the region.
  • Nightlife: As night falls, Fréjus comes alive. Bars, pubs and nightclubs open their doors, offering a variety of musical genres and atmospheres. For a quieter evening, try a wine bar or have a coffee on the terrace, where you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the city.
  • Events and festivals: Fréjus hosts a variety of culinary events and festivals throughout the year that celebrate the region’s culinary wealth and cultural diversity.

Excursions Near Fréjus

The region surrounding beautiful Fréjus is full of fascinating destinations, perfect for day trips or cultural experiences.

  • Saint-Tropez: The legendary Saint-Tropez is a must-see at only an hour’s drive away. This fishing village has become a world-class destination. It boasts dream beaches, a picturesque harbour and a lively town centre with luxury boutiques and art galleries.
  • Cannes: World-famous for its film festival, Cannes is also known for its beautiful beaches, La Croisette promenade and glamorous atmosphere. Head out for a day of sparkle and elegance in Cannes.
  • Verdon Gorges: For nature lovers, the Verdon Gorges offer a breathtaking spectacle. Come here for hiking, canoeing or simply admiring the breathtaking views.
  • Lérins Islands: Take a boat from Cannes to the Lérins Islands, a haven of peace and quiet amidst the bustling French Riviera. The islands of Sainte-Marguerite and Saint-Honorat are perfect for walking through preserved nature and have a rich history.

Fréjus is a destination with a thousand faces, offering a multitude of activities and experiences to suit all tastes. All these wonders are within reach from our L’Esterel Campsite, inviting you to explore, discover and immerse yourself in all the wealth that the French Riviera has to offer.