The Best Restaurants in Fréjus

Fréjus, jewel of the French Riviera, is not only famous for its golden sand beaches and fascinating history, it’s also an essential culinary destination. This town offers a palette of flavours combining Mediterranean traditions and culinary innovations. Near our Saint-Raphaël campsite L’Esterel, you’ll find a wide variety of restaurants. Each tells their own story through delicious dishes and unique atmospheres. Let’s take a look at the best restaurants in Fréjus, where every meal is an adventure.


L’Absolu is a well-respected restaurant in Fréjus, known for its elegant atmosphere and fine dining. The chefs offer creative and delicious dishes using fresh, local produce. The chic setting and attention to detail make L’Absolu the perfect destination for a memorable fine dining experience.

The 7th Even

At The 7th Even, the culinary experience is combined with a breathtaking view. This restaurant offers inventive cuisine in a modern and refined setting. The panoramic terrace adds a special touch to the experience, making every meal at The 7th Even unique and unforgettable.

Le Clos des Roses

Le Clos des Roses offers dining in a vineyard, combining culinary delights with exquisite wines. This restaurant is ideal for food and wine lovers, where you can enjoy pairings in an idyllic setting surrounded by vineyards.


Located in the heart of Fréjus, L’Aréna serves traditional cuisine in an historic setting. The restaurant offers a varied menu featuring local dishes and French classics, all in a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Le Martinus

Le Martinus is known for its enchanting setting and gourmet cuisine. Located near the beach, this Fréjus restaurant offers elegant dishes in a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for an evening by the sea.

Kazaar Klub

Kazaar Klub offers a unique experience with a magnificent setting and a lounge/beach bar atmosphere. But Kazaar Klub isn’t only a restaurant. It boasts a cigar room, dining room and terrace overlooking the sea. This is the perfect place if you’re looking for both a good meal and a stylish seaside relaxation experience.

La Moule Joyeuse

This Fréjus restaurant is renowned for its excellent service and value. Specialising in seafood, particularly mussels, La Moule Joyeuse is a must for seafood lovers. Located in the centre of Fréjus on Boulevard de la Libération, patrons love this restaurant for its atmosphere and fresh dishes.

A Tavola Con L’Italia

A Tavola Con L’Italia, located in Fréjus, is an Italian restaurant where you can enjoy an authentic culinary experience. This pizzeria stands out for richly flavoured cuisine, featuring traditional Italian recipes prepared with fresh ingredients. Guests will discover a warm and welcoming atmosphere, typical of Italian trattorias. Whether you’re looking for a crispy pizza, tasty pasta dish or delicate dessert, A Tavola Con L’Italia will whisk you away on a journey through gourmet Italian cuisine.

Brasserie Le Palais

Brasserie Le Palais in Fréjus is a delicious spot that combines elegance and good vibes. This restaurant is renowned for its traditional brasserie cuisine, from classic French dishes to contemporary creations. In a refined setting and relaxed atmosphere, Brasserie Le Palais is the ideal place for a business meal, romantic dinner or family lunch. The quality food, attentive service and elegant décor make it a popular destination for a great dining experience in Fréjus.


L’Évasion in Fréjus is a restaurant that lives up to its name, where you can escape through the delicious cuisine. This restaurant stands out for its inventive and carefully prepared dishes, inviting you on a journey for the senses. The emphasis is on fresh, quality ingredients, reflecting the flavours of the Mediterranean. L’Évasion’s modern, welcoming setting is ideal for a relaxed evening, business lunch or family meal. With a warm atmosphere and impeccable service, L’Évasion promises a memorable dining experience in Fréjus.

The Restaurant and Bar at L’Esterel Campsite

The restaurant at L’Esterel Campsite offers an exceptional culinary experience right at our five-star campsite. With a relaxed atmosphere, Les Suds restaurant offers refined cuisine that highlights local flavours. Guests can expect dishes made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. The second restaurant, La Terrasse – La Plancha, is a prime venue for dinner shows, and with its friendly atmosphere, is the perfect place to relax after a day of exploring or lounging. This Fréjus restaurant offers several appetizer platters to enjoy with our best wines!

Fréjus, with its wealth of culinary delights, boasts a wide variety of restaurants to suit all tastes. Each establishment adds its own unique touch to the city’s culinary scene, guaranteeing a memorable experience. Whether you are staying at our campsite near Fréjus or just passing through, these restaurants are a must to complete your Fréjus experience.