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Covid News

Right from the start of the pandemic, we appointed a designated Covid Manager to ensure that you have an exceptional stay, just like every year, we uphold the standards and procedures imposed by the French government and respect the protocol in force as instructed by the FNHPA..
This information is subject to change according to government announcements.

– Updated on December 15, 2021 – Decrees of 07/20/2021 and 08/07/2021

Updated March 15th, 2022: New French Government recommendations

SUSPENSION OF THE VACCINE PASS (from March 14th, 2022)

On Thursday March 3rd, 2022, the French Prime Minister announced:

• The end of the obligation to wear a face mask in almost all places from March 14, 2022. (Only Exception: The mask will remain compulsory on public transport)
• The “suspension” of the vaccination pass, from March 14, 2022. (Exception: A health pass will remain required in medical establishments, such as hospitals and nursing homes)
• March 14th, 2022 will also mark the end of the mask mandate “in all places where it is still in force”, with the exception, once again, of public transport, “given the promiscuity”.

For campsites, this means several changes:

• The use of vaccine passes: from now on & until further notice, campsites that were concerned will no longer be & for campsites that were not concerned by the vaccination pass, this does not change anything;
• End of the face mask mandate in all campsites.
• End of the health protocol requirements within the businesses (this is the general business protocols, not to be confused with the customer-oriented health protocols, which are not officially called into question for the moment); the company protocols will be replaced by simple “classic” hygiene measures; but the role of Covid supervisor will be maintained.

Clarification: to date, the Government has not informed the FNHPA of a possible challenge to the HPA Health Protocols, the latest version of which was validated on May 21, 2021 ( The FNHPA will ensure to inform you of the future of our HPA health protocols.

The decree prescribing these general measures that are necessary for managing the post-pandemic transition should therefore be modified as per the direction of the announcements mentioned above, within the coming days.


Since July 21st, 2021, we are required by the government to check each & every guest’s “Health Pass” (for all guests aged over the age of 18), upon arrival at the campsite. This health check will grant you access to all of the available services (some are currently temporarily closed) here at Esterel Caravaning for the duration of the stay.

One representative per family will then be able to access Reception in order to register. Please bring the identity cards of the participants of the stay, your credit card, license plate and possibly a checkbook (in case of deposit by check).
Afterwards, the teenagers will come to Reception so that we can provide them with a bracelet corresponding to their age group.

Upon check-in, all families will receive our “Gazette” containing an anti-COVID information note as well as all the schedules and schedules of the various services and facilities.
The COVID defense strategy is based on three simple fundamental principles called “public health guidelines”:

1) the use of a mask in closed and common places;
2) hygiene and personal responsibility;
3) spacing of at least two meters between each person inside.

In order to allow you to enjoy your stay in complete freedom, you will have to present your “Health Pass” * once upon arrival.
The “Health Pass” is available in digital or paper format. This valid “Pass” will allow you to enjoy all the activities, places of relaxation and leisure of our establishment for the duration of your holiday.

* The “Health Pass” is made up as follows:

• Proof of Full Vaccination
• Negative result of an RT-PCR test, an antigen test taken less than 72 hours before arrival, or a self-test carried out under the supervision of a health professional: doctors, medical biologists, pharmacists, nurses, dentists, midwives , physiotherapists.
• Certificate of recovery that’s at least 11 days old and less than 6 months old.

Note that people with a proven medical exemption to vaccination are exempt from presenting a “Health Pass”. This exemption must be certified by an official signed medical certificate.
For guests visiting from outside of the EU (IE the UK):

If you are fully vaccinated, a negative result of a PCR test or an antigen test carried out less than 48 hours before departure must be presented.
Note that unvaccinated visitors from the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, the Netherlands and Greece will require a test to be taken less than 24 hours before crossing the border.

So that all together we have a successful summer holiday, be vigilant and continue to respect public health guidelines.
We are happy to welcome you for this new season at Esterel Caravaning.

Your stay at Esterel Caravaning

PITCHES FOR CARAVANS / CAMPERVANS The size of the pitches (min. 90 m². Max. 250 m²) and the boundaries ensure the safety distance; being able to live in the outdoors all day and enjoy the sun’s rays is an important factor against infection. For more information on reservations, we invite you to contact our Reservations Department on or by e-mail at SANITARY FACILITIES In all the toilets, floor markings have been placed to define a direction of circulation. There are different disinfectant freezing points and all sanitary devices can be used within the minimum distances provided. The constant disinfection of surfaces, contact parts and sanitary devices, carried out by specialized personnel, as well as the natural circulation of air, guarantee the safety of users. Dispensers are available in the toilets with hydroalcoholic disinfectant solutions for hand hygiene. SERVICES & PROTOCOLS – The Reception is open every day from 9 am to 7 pm with the presence of a night guard to ensure our availability 24 hours a day. Wearing a mask is compulsory and safety distances of at least 2 meters must be observed between each customer. – The Aquatic Park and the Swimming Pools: Open every day from 9 am to 7 pm. all the space is cleaned and disinfected every morning. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Hydroalcoholic gel and paper towel are available to you in various places in the aquatic area. – The Jungle Pool, a covered paddling pool for 0/6 year olds is open, cleaned and disinfected every day. – The white sand beach is also accessible and the deckchairs and the toilets are cleaned and disinfected every day. – The “Les Suds” Bar: wearing a mask is compulsory when traveling. Disinfectant products are available for customers and staff at the entrance and near the washrooms. The tables are arranged in such a way that the seats guarantee the necessary interpersonal distance between customers. The menus are presented as a sticker with QR-Code to be scanned with your mobile phone. – The ready-to-wear / souvenir shop and the mini-market: wearing a mask is compulsory in these stores. Hydroalcoholic gel is also available. – Snack: wearing a mask is also compulsory when ordering. Plexiglass was installed. – The Blue Lagoon: refreshment point in the aquatic area. We ask our customers to respect 2 meters of distance. – The Mini Club and the Teen Club: open in July and August, these services are free and follow a strict health protocol to guarantee the safety of your child (ren). Wearing a mask is compulsory for supervising staff. – The Gym: is open every day for free access with professional equipment. We would like to inform you that the use of machines and equipment is your own responsibility. We cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury. A sports coach is present for classes on the white sand beach of the campsite (yoga, pilates, zumba, muscle strengthening, etc.). We ask you to wear clean shoes and to disinfect the equipment after each use using the utensils provided for this purpose and self-service in the room. – The TV room and the Library are open on request from Reception. – The medical permanence: is open by appointment with a doctor on call. Contact details available at Reception and noted in the Gazette. – The Disco has been transformed into a games room: “GAMESTEREL”! Billiards, table football, air hockey, pinball machines, basketball are now at your disposal, respecting the wearing of a mask and disinfection. SWIMMING POOLS AND WATER PARK Are open, so you can swim and enjoy! The chlorine contained in the swimming pool water is constantly monitored. It is possible to use the deckchairs and access the beach, we have an area of ​​5000m2 and 900 m2 of white sand beach. The population density is calculated with an index of at least 4m2 of area per person. The arrangement of the deckchairs respects the obligatory distances. At the end of each day, our staff disinfect all the deckchairs for the next day. If you are using a deckchair after a holidaymaker, we recommend that you disinfect the deckchair. Hydroalcoholic gel and paper towel are available to you in various places in the water park. ACTIVITIES The activities team will tailor your stay by respecting the standards imposed by the government. A sports and evening schedule is available at La Paillotte during the months of July and August and at Reception during the rest of the season. The Mini Club and the Teen Club are open. Tennis, mini-golf, table tennis, pétanque, skate park, multisport and mountain bike loans are open and accessible. Equipment can be borrowed from Reception, then placed in a bin The children’s play areas are also usable and disinfected. All entertainment activities are maintained and we have reorganized everything to ensure distance and safety for customers and operators. All activities that allow adequate spacing are possible. Mini club with workshops, outdoor fitness activities, individual sports and evening entertainment. THE BEAUTY CENTER / SPA The beauty center / SPA will open for the 2022 season respecting all health and distancing rules. It is enlarged and completely renovated. SPORT All individual sports are accessible (tennis, pétanque, mini-golf, table tennis, water sports, etc.) and can be practiced in complete safety. The equipment is disinfected after each return to Reception or to the Paillotte during the months of July and August. FAQs Wearing masks during my holiday at Esterel Caravaning: When it is not possible to guarantee a social distance of at least two meters (except for those belonging to the same family unit), we recommend that families use a mask when they are outside the area demarcated by their pitch / mobile home. Wash your hands regularly. We make soap and hydroalcoholic gel available in all areas. The installation of hydro-alcoholic solutions at the entrance of all public places is guaranteed, and their frequent use by both customers and staff is encouraged. Staff are required to use a mask or faceshield when in the presence of guests and, however, in all circumstances where it is not possible to guarantee the interpersonal distance of at least 2 meters. BEACH & SEASIDE in SAINT-RAPHAEL It is possible to swim in the sea on the beaches of Agay, Saint-Raphaël, Fréjus … It should be noted that the coast of Saint-Raphaël generally flies the blue flag, synonymous with clean water and maximum attention to safety.
For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at +33 (0) or by e-mail at > Learn more about Covid-19