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Discover the news for 2023 in PREVIEW!

Have you followed the work of our teams during the winter through our series of Vlogs “Les Coulisses d’Esterel Caravaning” on Youtube?

Once again this winter, all the team have worked hard to bring improvements and modernity to Esterel Caravaning.

Here are the news in preview for this year:

  • The Bar « Les Suds» was completely destroyed to be redesigned and rebuilt in its entirety.

  • We have created a wooden platform specially dedicated to Yoga and Pilates with a panoramic view of the Esterel Massif and the Sea. Welcome to the ESTEREL YOGA CENTER! Pictures are coming asap!

  • After the BLACK HOLE in 2022, this year will be added to the list of our many waterslide a waterslide with buoys! Just in front of the Black Hole. The entrance of the Aquatic area has also been renovated.

  • The interiors of the Master Suite and Junior Suite mobile homes have been renovated and the terraces of the Bastidon 4 Confort mobile homes have been extended. New photos are coming asap too😉

  • On the pitch side, we have created a new Imperial pitch, replaced private spas.

The entire Esterel Caravaning team and Mrs. Laroche look forward to seeing you from Saturday April 1st at 8 a.m.!

Let the 2023 season begin!

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