Good news!

Esterel Caravaning Agay

Since 1976, at the opening of Esterel Caravaning 44 years ago, we have been striving to provide you with dream vacations for Easter. We never imagined having to postpone our launch of the season and that we would all have to stay at home during the containment. However, it is our civic duty to respect these measures.

We have received a lot of messages and we thank you for that, your support touched us.

Even though we do not yet know the exact day of our opening for this season, we have taken the decision to extend this season: Esterel Caravaning will be open for the Autumn holidays, up until 31st October 2020!

Perfect weather conditions, Indian summer, a beautiful late season, in October the French Riviera is once more the place to be! All our services will be running, the swimming-pools and waterpark open and heated and the prices as low as can be!

Esterel Caravaning Agay