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The Monaco Grand Prix

On 29th of May 2016, Monaco again hosts the Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1 World Championship’s. The qualifying rounds will take place on the 26th and the 28th of May. Held there since 1929, the Monaco Grand Prix is one of the oldest and most prestigious car races. Each year it’s the key event of racing enthusiasts, with 120 000 spectators.

Unusual in the Formula 1 season, the circuit of the Monaco Grand Prix is distinguished from others by its environment, in the city center. Narrow roads that requires the greatest drivers of talent. The circuit winds around the Hercules harbor, the streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine (shopping area of the Principality). Among the most famous passages include the Fairmont turns, Tunnel and Casino

Today, the cuircuit is 3.34 km in length. Pilots must perform 78 laps to go the 260,52 kilometers. Due to its complexity, the Monaco circuit is the slowest of the championship, even if the speed is still hallucinating, the cars seem to squeeze through very narrow passages and the track is sometimes only 5 to 6 meters wide.

To attend the Monaco Grand Prix and buy tickets:

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