The Most Beautiful Beaches in the Var

The Var department of France, with its breathtaking coastal scenery, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the French Riviera. These jewels of the Var coastline, known for their azure waters and golden sands, offer a heavenly escape for all lovers of the sea. During your stay at our Saint-Raphaël campsite, be sure to visit the Var’s most beautiful beaches, perfect for sunny days, refreshing swims and thrilling water sports. Whether you’re looking for a festive atmosphere or a quiet spot to relax, you’ll find something for you at the Var’s beaches.

plage de l'estagnol

L’Estagnol Beach

L’Estagnol Beach in the Var is a haven of peace for those looking to get away from it all in a preserved natural setting. This beach is famous for its fine sand and crystal-clear water, which extend for dozens of metres offshore. These shallow waters are perfect for children and less confident swimmers.

The water is ideal for swimming and snorkelling, and you can observe a variety of fish and marine life in their natural habitat near the rocks.
With soft sand and shallow waters, this beach is perfect for families with young children.

There are two restaurants nearby for a romantic lunch or dinner after a day on the beach.

L’Almanarre Beach

L’Almanarre Beach in Hyères-les-Palmiers is a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts, particularly windsurfers and kitesurfers. The long coastline of this beach is famous for its ideal wind conditions, which attract both fans and professionals every year.
The beach regularly hosts major sporting events, bringing together top athletes.

It is easily accessible by car from Hyères. Take the Route du Sel towards the Presqu’île de Giens (Giens Peninsula).

L’Almanarre Beach is a must for those looking for an exciting and active experience on the French Riviera.

Notre-Dame Beach on Porquerolles

Notre-Dame Beach on Porquerolles Island is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the Var, and was even named Europe’s most beautiful beach in 2015. This fine sand beach, nestled in a protected natural setting on the island, offers a unique seaside experience in a preserved environment. The pine and eucalyptus trees provide natural shade and a peaceful atmosphere. Unlike the beaches on the mainland, here nature is left untouched, with dry seaweed and driftwood scattered along the beach. To get to the beach, you first need to take a ferry to the island from one of the ports such as Hyères, Giens, Toulon, La Londe, Le Lavandou or Saint-Tropez.

Hike: Once you get to the island, it’s about a 30-minute walk along the coast to the beach.

Saint-Clair Beach

Saint-Clair Beach in Le Lavandou is a popular destination for its picturesque setting and family-friendly atmosphere. This sand beach surrounded by green hills provides a beautiful natural setting.

The beach is known for its soft sand and clear waters, ideal for swimming and relaxing.

Chabassole Beach

Chabassole Beach on the Lake of Sainte-Croix offers a different experience in a lakeside setting in the Var. It is quiet here next to the freshwater.

This beach on a lake is a peaceful place, perfect for those looking for an alternative to crowded seaside beaches. It’s perfect for swimming, picnicking and canoeing on the unsalted water.

Pampelonne Beach in Ramatuelle

Pampelonne Beach in Ramatuelle is one of the most famous beaches on the Saint-Tropez peninsula. It stretches for almost 5 km and is divided into five sectors, offering a variety of atmospheres ranging from family-friendly areas to livelier spaces with restaurants and beach clubs. Each sector has its own car park (paid in season). Pampelonne Beach offers a variety of activities including beach volleyball, water sports and even nudist areas. It is renowned for its natural beauty, fine sand and clear water.

La Briande Beach in La Croix-Valmer

La Briande Beach in La Croix-Valmer is famous for its preserved environment and tranquil setting. It is the last beach in La Croix-Valmer before the border with Cap Taillat beach in Ramatuelle. This beach, with its rugged beauty, is less crowded than the others for a peaceful swimming experience. If you prefer to avoid the crowds and enjoy a natural environment, this is the perfect beach for you.

Le Dramont Beach in Saint-Raphaël

Le Dramont Beach, located in Saint-Raphaël, is also another one of the most beautiful beaches in the Var. Le Dramont Beach is known for fine golden sand that stretches as far as the eye can see. You can bask in the sun, build sandcastles by the sea with your children, or simply relax and listen to the gentle murmur of the waves.

The crystal-clear waters by this beach are perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Explore the seabed and discover the wealth of underwater life in the region. Water sports enthusiasts can also try kayaking, windsurfing or sailing and make the most of what the Mediterranean has to offer.

Le Dramont is much more than just a beach, it’s a protected natural site. The region’s characteristic red rocks strike a stunning contrast with the blue sea. A short hike along the coastal path offers breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline.

Luna Park en famille à Fréjus

L’Escalet Beach in Ramatuelle

L’Escalet Beach in Ramatuelle is one of the French Riviera’s natural treasures. Nestled between the famous beaches of Pampelonne and Cap Taillat, L’Escalet is preserved and wild, far from the hustle and bustle of the busier seaside resorts.

L’Escalet is the ideal place for nature lovers and those seeking peace and quiet. You can swim in the clear waters, snorkel to observe the local marine life, or simply relax on the warm sand.

L’Escalet’s peaceful atmosphere makes it a favourite spot for families looking for some quiet time by the sea. The hiking trails along the coast also offer exceptional panoramic views.

Calanque de Port d'Alon in Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer

The Calanque de Port d’Alon in Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer is one of the French Riviera’s preserved natural treasures. This picturesque calanque is nestled between limestone cliffs and the Mediterranean, offering an exceptional setting for lovers of nature and peace and quiet. This magical place is known for its crystal-clear waters and spectacular views of the Mediterranean. Surrounded by umbrella pines, the Calanque de Port d’Alon is the ideal place to escape the hustle and bustle of the busier beaches. You can relax on the warm sand, swim in the clear waters and observe the marine life while snorkelling.

The Calanque de Port d’Alon is a haven of peace, protected from urban development, where you can recharge your batteries surrounded by nature in the south of France.